2020 Business to Business Expo – Guest Speaker Louis Feuer, MA, MSW

2020 Business to Business Expo

Louis Feuer is President of Dynamic Seminars & Consulting, Inc.  Nationally recognized customer service, sales and marketing expert.

Business Survival Strategies: 2020 is a Time for a Company Makeover

Louis Feuer is an internationally known lecturer and business educator. He has presented business education programs throughout the US, Canada and Europe. He is known for his dynamic, insightful and motivational programs all dedicated to increasing your revenues.

Louis has written the customer service training materials for American Health Insurance Association, worked with such clients as Walgreens, American Association for Home Care, Tennessee Bankers Association, National Home Infusion Association, AmeriSource Bergen and their more than 4700 pharmacy locations, Pharmacy Quality Alliance, the Canadian Case Management Association and the list goes on. 

Louis has authored more than 300 articles on professional development issues and authored White Collar Stress. He has lectured for Nova University, American Airlines Arena, American Express and the European Homecare Association.  He makes you laugh, think and change the focus of your business. 

Learn how to refocus your business to assure success in a new age of technology and mass media marketing – while insuring you reach your most valued audience and retain your customers. (www.DynamicSeminars.com).

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