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The Benefits of a Chamber of Commerce community

Modern society encourages entrepreneurship and action – as a result, the market has become competitive, and quality of products and services have improved. This can be daunting when your offer is not the only option available. In these circumstances, networking and communications are vital to establish your company name as a demanded brand. It is a lot easier to accomplish your business goal by working together in a community of local businesses that operate with referrals, shared experiences and connections.

There are multiple ways to expand your business network – including trade shows and expos, social media, speeches and debates, courses and seminars; and joining business associations or groups. With the new year fast approaching, why not give your business the boost it needs by connecting with a chamber of commerce?

Small businesses stand to benefit more when they associate with their local Chamber of Commerce. The advantages are most often mutual, and the organizations work to protect and promote the interests of trade and commerce amongst one another.

The general responsibilities of a Chamber will include advocating and influencing policy decisions that are within business interests, such as labor laws, tax and business regulations. They provide information through organized networking forums, and offer services that can include legal, regulatory and tax compliance.

When a business owner makes the decision to become a member of a Chamber of Commerce, they are opening their business up to several benefits.

What are the benefits?

  • Networking. Chambers hold regular networking events to allow members to exchange ideas, develop relationships and improve their professional network.
  • Marketing and advertising. As a member of a chamber, you have opportunity to connect with potential customers through various marketing mediums such as e-newsletters, publications, and websites.
  • Referrals. Through the professional relationships built in the Chamber, your service and product can be spread either through word-of-mouth, and the phone calls and emails that the Chamber receives from prospective customers and their online business directory.
  • Services. Chambers offer services that involve legal, regulatory, and tax compliance.
  • Training and development programs. Many Chambers offer various training and development programs that encourage and equip businesses to reach their full potential.

New year, new goals
Tamarac is a Chamber of Commerce that offers all the benefits of business membership. As a board of trade, Tamarac offers a form of business network that strives to further the interests of businesses involved. Local societies are formed by business owners in towns/cities and they advocate on behalf of the business community.

The beginning of 2017 brings with it many opportune business networking and development opportunities, such as the monthly Chamber breakfast at Tamarac Community Center, and the Business to Business Expo in February.

The Tam-Net Referral Group includes a limited single person per profession and functions as the ultimate professional networking group. There is also the Tamarac Networking Team (TNT) that similarly operates on an exclusive single person per profession basis, and they meet twice a month.
Becoming a member at a chamber of commerce is a simple application process that will start your new year off with a focused, and supported small business.

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