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Genet Property Group has been in Real Estate in South Florida for over 25 years. Our properties span from West Palm Beach to Homestead with almost 1.5 million square feet of commercial property. Our portfolio includes office, retail, small bay industrial, storage and parking. We are committed to providing  quality service performed by quality people. Our office is dedicated to its founding principles of integrity, charity , and mindfulness. We seek out the best in others and ourselves. We are committed to success and with that achievement we give back to those in need. Our actions are intentional and transparent. Our philosophy is best explained by our “10 Best”  practices and principles that  define our culture- the Genet Way.


1.            Take Ownership. There is no job that isn’t, at one time or another, your job. Your role is always to perform to the highest and best good of the company and the clients you serve.

2.            Show Up . Do what you say you will when you say you will. Honor your commitments. FOLLOW THROUGH !

3.            Be transparent. Integrity is everything- we either have it or we don’t –there is no middle ground

4.            Be intentional. Mindful action creates focus and focus creates success.

5.            Be charitable. Use your success to help others- mentor, guide, teach , share.

6.            Be positive. Happy people are healthy people. Negativity is contagious – kill it before it grows! Your attitude defines you and effects those in your space- keep your consciousness high. Keep your thoughts & actions positive and watch it spread!

7.            Speak straight. Speak clearly to move forward – say what you mean and mean what you say. Indecision is NO decision. Make your expectations clear. Address issues directly , promptly and appropriately with the PERSON(s) INVOLVED.

8.            Celebrate Success. Acknowledge team members when they excel- a job well done is a win for all- gratitude is contagious - express appreciation and watch it grow! 

9.            Do it Right the First Time- Be proactive AND think it through- a job done right the first time saves time and aggravation later

10.          Walk in their shoes- Before you critique first understand the process, try it yourself , walk in the other persons shoes and be helpful not hurtful when you suggest change.


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