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Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center
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At Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center, patient care is our priority. We are a private practice facility specializing in several medical disciplines. With a team of qualified practitioners including chiropractors, acupuncturists, licensed physical therapists, massage therapists and rehab technicians, we have provided health and wellness services in South Florida for over twenty years.

Historically, the first office was opened by the late Dr. Fidel S. Goldson Sr. in Plantation, Florida. Since then, we have expanded to three other locations in Florida – Pembroke Pines, North Lauderdale and Aventura. All four of our practices have maintained strong presences within the surrounding communities by participating and sponsoring localized events. We believe that building and sustaining societal bonds are a value to every member.

On the principle of integration and support, our approach toward rehabilitation is a combination of whole-body therapy and modern innovation. We incorporate holistic techniques with state-of-the-art technology to give our clients comprehensive and effective treatment. The chiropractic physicians and licensed physical therapists at Goldson Spine treat all manner of ailments from headaches, arthritis and muscular strains to injuries arising out of employment, auto accidents, and slip and falls. Our dedication to providing well-rounded facilities has even led to the development of a cream called Dr. Goldson’s Spine Joint & Muscle Cream, which alleviates aches and pains by delivering deep penetration relief. Pain and discomfort can have many causes and can affect people in the most common ways, therefore we are prepared to offer a variety of options for muscle soreness and tenderness.

Over the years, physical therapy has made a big impact on health care systems across America and has helped many individuals to restore and enrich their lives. In keeping with this movement, we at Goldson Spine aim to improve the well-being of every patient who steps through our doors with trained, knowledgeable and courteous staff. In addition to the remedial purposes of physical therapy, our rehabilitation centers can be used for preventative measures as well. With the right methods and the right routines, exacerbated and resultant injuries can be successfully avoided with assistance from one of our licensed physical therapists.

We hope that as more people come to understand the significant role of physical therapy and rehabilitation in healthcare, the more we are able and pleased to aid patients in achieving a better quality of life.

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