Time is Now for Hurricane Preparation

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Time is Now for Hurricane Preparation
Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) is prepared for another potentially active
hurricane season – and reminds customers now is the time for them to also be
“We all have a fundamental responsibility as Floridians to be prepared for hurricane
season,” said Eric Silagy, president and CEO of FPL. “Now – before a storm has even
formed, let alone threatens our state – is the time to prepare.”
FPL advises business owners to establish a detailed hurricane plan that informs
employees what they need to know before, during and after a storm. Here are a few key
points to consider:
 Ensure your employees’ contact information is up-to-date and put a plan in place
to communicate after the storm passes (such as setting up a telephone number
with a recorded message that will be regularly updated to inform employees of
the status of company operations following a storm).
 Identify what you need to secure (your building and important equipment) and
who will help; outline specific tasks and conduct a training session.
 Close your offices in sufficient time to allow employees to secure their homes,
obtain supplies and evacuate if necessary; inform clients that you’re closing early
and when you plan to reopen.
 Review your insurance coverage and photograph or record your place of
business – inside and outside.
 Make multiple back-ups of computer files and data, and store records off
For more business tips and checklists, be sure to review this fact sheet and visit for information covering everything from essential supplies to
generator safety.
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