Starting a Business in Tamarac


When you are looking at starting a business in Florida, the Tamarac Chamber of Commerce says you should consider setting up shop in one of Florida’s fastest-growing cities. A recent study found that Tamarac, and some other cities in Florida, are on par with the fastest-growing cities in the United States.

NerdWallet is a consumer advocacy group that recently found Tamarac to be the 12th fastest-growing city in the state, after evaluating 147 Florida cities and towns. The group based their findings on population growth, employment growth and income growth, and the results show that Tamarac is a great location for starting a business and finding commercial success.

Tamarac has seen a 7.2% employment growth and a 9.8% increase in median income from 2009 to 2012. While Tamarac used to be known as a retirement community, there are signs of it evolving into something more. Real estate is becoming more in demand and investors are starting businesses in Tamarac. Developers of residential, office and retail spaces are being encouraged to take a good look at Tamarac as an ideal location in Broward Country.

Recently, a residential developer conducted a study and found that young professionals were buying more homes in Tamarac than seniors at a 3:1 ratio, making this an ideal community for starting a business in a growing economy. Tamarac is currently incorporating a 10-year economic redevelopment plan that hopes to put the city’s commercial areas in positions to be competitive. The goal for the city of Tamarac is to make it an ideal place to retire, a great place to raise a family, and a perfect place for starting a business.

When looking at starting a business in Tamarac, one of your first resources should be the Tamarac Chamber of Commerce. The local Chamber will help you build your business through professional referrals, while also helping to generate more high-quality prospects without having to advertise. Becoming a member of the local Chamber of Commerce when starting a business in Tamarac will give your business instant credibility with prospective consumers.

So if you are looking for a South Florida business location, you should consider starting a business in Tamarac. Make sure to join the local Chamber of Commerce too!

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