Top 10 Ways to Support your Fellow Small Business Owners

Small Business Week (May 2 – May 8) is an annual week-long event created to encourage and
educate consumers in the importance of shopping “small”. While supporting small business as
a consumer is a wonderful thing, supporting each other as fellow business owners is just as
No one understands the ups and downs that a small business owner faces more than another
small business owner. We’re all finally seeing a glimpse of light after a year like no other, so why
not support each other?
Here are 10 ways to support your fellow business owner during small business week and

1) Always Look to Small & Local First

When seeking new vendors, services, or products for your business start your search with
local, small business. Why? There are SO MANY benefits! You can get experts such as
accountants, lawyers, and marketing pros who are able to help your business grow without
your company having the employee overhead. Small businesses often have better customer
service, more unique products, and even better pricing! Your money will be kept in your local
economy, you are helping to create local jobs – you’re even helping the environment by using
less packaging and less fuel for transportation. It’s a win, win!
Check out the TNLCOC Member Directory. It’s a great place to discover the business’ your city
has to offer.

2) Order a Staff Lunch

Order a staff lunch from your favorite local restaurant. It’s a fantastic way to show appreciation
to your employees, and goes a long way in helping local restaurants thrive.

3) Refer Customers To Small Businesses You Know

Small businesses could be small in size, but still big in connections. If we all referred business
to each other, imagine the potential for growth! Start referring more customers to other small
businesses, either by word of mouth, email introduction, or phone
Facebook networking groups and referral groups like the TNLCOC’s TNT Referral Group are
great ways to meet other business owners in your area, support each other by spreading the word, and sharing about opportunities. You’ll be surprised what you can learn and how much it
can help you and others grow!

4) Share On Social Media

Support small businesses by not only purchasing their products, but by giving them a shoutout! If you work with or know a company that you just love, show them how much by
following them, and/or raving about them in a post on your personal or business accounts.
Don’t forget to tag them!

5) Start a Business Card Corner

If you have a brick-and-mortar small business having an area near the front door where others
can leave their business cards is a great way to help each other out!

6) Offer Discounts to Each Other

Exchange discounts, gift cards, and coupons with other businesses. These can be great
incentives for your employees, or given away in a contest to your customers.

7) Host a Meet & Greet

With in-person events getting back into the swing of things, people are looking for ways to get
back out there. So, why not host a meet and greet? This will not only provide a venue for
networking, but is also a great way to introduce new people to your business and possibly
build your own customer base.
The Chamber of Commerce is always happy to help spread the word about your event to
fellow members. Contact us today!

8) Attend Chamber Events

Industry-specific organizations and your local Chamber of Commerce have monthly events that
are MADE for you to make business connections. Attending these events with positivity and an
open mind will get you a lot farther than constantly pitching and selling. Get to know your
fellow local businesses and remember to have fun!

9) Volunteer

Partnering with local businesses for a charitable cause like a beach cleanup day, school supply
giveaway, or food drive is not only a great way to give back but also opens the door to meeting
some great people. Be sure to send out a press release to local media and news outlets to
make sure you get more support and a good turnout.

10) Cross-Promote

Cross-promoting gets your business in front of all-new audiences, and it doesn’t have to be
complicated! A great example could be a jewelry store setting up a display in a hair salon, and
the jewelry store offering hair salon coupons in exchange. Print joint promotional messages on
each other’s receipts, or hang posters in one another’s businesses.
Do you know a business that would make a great promo partner? Contact them right away!

As a small business owner, it can be easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life. So
this Small Business Week, remember to support one another! One-of-a-kind shops and
restaurants are part of what makes our city a great place to live, and shopping local is the best
way help protect the businesses and our community.

Article by Linda Tomassone Jerrell:
With a background in screenwriting and copywriting, Linda is a regular
contributor to several blogs from around the country. She is a proud TNLCOC
Board Member and co-owner of Heritage Art Galleries & Framing in Tamarac.