20 Reasons to Join the Chamber of Commerce

Who is in the Chamber of Commerce ?
businesses and individuals from any location who wants to engage and connect to Tamarac, North Lauderdale surrounding communities.
Why should I join
to promote your  business (business to business & business to community), promoting the area we do business in. (it’s up to all of us to tell the story of our community )
What do we offer?
visibility, exposure, credibility, advocacy access to City hall/political leadership and access to knowledge (SCORE) and similar organizations and people.
Why would you choose us?
just the right size Chamber to make an impact not too big not too small. Tamarac and North Lauderdale are fast changing fast growing communities.
We are fun relaxed group making networking enjoyable, building proper relationships along the way.

Join for $99 see here you return on investment

1. A strong, active Chamber of Commerce leads the community.

2. Members enjoy a competitive edge because membership in the Chamber of Commerce matters to the community.

3. The Chamber of Commerce allows individuals and businesses to make a difference by connecting them to important community issues.

4. The Chamber of Commerce creates a stronger, more dynamic and prosperous business community.

5. The Chamber of Commerce enhances a member’s opportunities for success by enabling them to do and achieve more.

6. The Chamber of Commerce has a measurable impact on the success of its members and the community.

7. The Chamber of Commerce improves the social and economic vitality of the community in ways that enhance the quality of life for all.

8. The Chamber of Commerce is knowledgeable and involved in issues that are important to business members, such as education, healthcare and the cultural vitality of the community.

9. The Chamber of Commerce is the leading catalyst and convener to address the business, social and civic issues that are critical to the community.

10. The Chamber of Commerce leverages the resources and talents of its members to improve business and build stronger communities.

11. The Chamber of Commerce offers members unique programs and services that they cannot find in other membership organizations.

12. The Chamber of Commerce offers programs and services tailored to the unique and changing needs of the community.

13. The Chamber of Commerce provides world-class programs and support to local businesses.

14. The Chamber of Commerce serves as one collective voice at the local, state and national level, providing members with a ‘seat at the table’ for issues impacting business and the community.

15. The Chamber of Commerce stays focused on the top priorities of the community.

16. The head of the Chamber of Commerce is a well-respected leader within the community.

17. Through advocacy and action, the Chamber of Commerce creates a climate of success and growth in the community.

18. Today’s Chamber of Commerce is an advocate for its broad and diverse member businesses, providing leadership in critical business, social and civic issues.

19. Today’s leading communities are those that have a strong, active Chamber of Commerce working on their behalf.

20. With their dues, members of the Chamber of Commerce are making an investment in the community