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How are gym membership and the chamber of commerce are alike?

Getting Stronger Together

We set goals for ourselves at a personal and business level. Joining a gym is on most people’s minds at the beginning of the year. That promise of frequent visits focusing on squats for washboard abs and lifting weights for a toned body. That goal of bettering yourself you sign up enthusiastically for the whole year or maybe just 6 months, committed or so you think. Nobody makes you go to the gym, work out after a hard day or get up extra early and travel to the gym and there’s always something else to do.

Just as everyone has a different reason to go to the gym the Tamarac North Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce has a different reason for joining the Chamber. Whether you have been a chamber member for years or you’ve opened up a new business and you are looking ways to connect to the community and other businesses it is important to have goals and a strategic plan to achieve them.

How can the chamber help?
20 Reasons to Join

The City of Tamarac and City of North Lauderdale area has many different types of businesses across various industries.
The Chamber of Commerce provides support from like-minded people assisting you to find success. If a business is successful then individuals are successful and these individuals put money back into our local community. The community as a whole thrives and we all win. Support from like-minded people can help you find success The Chamber of Commerce promoting our local community is a huge untapped resource. One of the many benefits is to create opportunities for you to achieve your goals. You may be a sole proprietor, or a company spread across the county with hundreds of employees big or small we
want you to see you develop and grow.
We assist in hosting and promoting local events, we are the voice of business as well as contributing to charity work for the overall betterment of the community. We encourage local networking amongst companies, engagement to local City Hall and aim to present members in a positive light to the community.

TNLCOC, Chamber of commerce
Working with the Chamber is teamwork

What do you need to know about being a Chamber Member?

Overall, it is cost-effective to become a member considering the benefits the
Chamber offers. How much value can you put on a lifelong client? or that introduction to the biggest contract you ever got, how important is that shout out or photograph that promotes your business
giving you credibility as a community advocate.
Read more about the facts backing our statement.

Included in your membership is outreach A little boost on social media is always a good thing. Enjoy
meeting neighboring businesses and building your network of contacts. Remember “contacts =
contracts”. There’s something going on every week either on zoom or in person. All members want to
meet new people, everyone gets a warm friendly welcome.

The online listing you can put as much detail description of services, products upload photographs
videos use keywords. This special tool will help people find you online. Chambers are recognized as
community resources.

Whether it’s job postings, member to member discounts, hot deals coupons, expos, event sponsorship,
everything is available at the chamber. A Chamber membership is a great strategic move to achieve your
goals but just like a gym membership it is up to you to see it through.