Free One of a Kind Referral Groups

Tamarac North Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce has three one of a kind referral groups. The groups are a free benefit to your membership.  The referral groups meet once a month during the second week. We aim for 2 10 min presentations with Q & A, this is a great way for your group to know what you do.

TNT meets second Tuesday of the month.

Tamnet the second Wednesday 

Latin Connections the second Thursday. 

Some industry categories such as realty insurance financial advisors are already taken however we do have a waiting list and also the executive director will hold meetings and introductions to those categories that are full and the referral groups.

Members cannot move to another group unless a 12 month period from leaving has occurred or special exemption.

Referral Group applications should be submitted to group leader and Chamber Executive Director. 

Nonmember guests are allowed to attend each group once if industry is open and group leader is contacted and chamber office copied